All prosecution witnesses denied recording any statement against Moonis Elahi

29 Jun

Lahore (June 28, 2011) The remaining three prosecution witnesses presented by the FIA today in Lahore Banking Court in the NICL case like the five other prosecution witnesses have also refuted the charges leveled against senior Pakistan Muslim League Leader Moonis Elahi. Earlier during the proceedings the cashier of UBL, Airport Branch, Lahore Safdar Ali testifying before the Honorable Judge Malik Abdur Raheed stated that it was Adil Manzoor who had come to the bank with a cheque and taken the money.

All witnesses deny statements against Moonis Elahi

He further stated that the FIA had summoned him on Feb-05 where he had not recorded any statement. The second prosecution witness was ABL, Multan Road Branch Vice President Maroor-ur-Rehman who stated that a man named Khadim Rasool had himself come to the bank and opened the account. He further stated that it was Khadim Rasool who later brought a cheque and took the cash. During investigation I was summoned by the FIA but I had not given any statement to them, testified the ABL Vice President. The third prosecution witness Hafiz Shahid Bilal the cashier at ABL Multan Road Branch also testified that it was only Khadim Rasool who used to come to the branch with cheques for encashment and he had given Khadim Rasool money after his identification. Both the bank cashiers informed the court that they could recognize Adil Manzoor and Khadim Rasool. On the Honorable Judge’s query Hafiz Junaid Shahid after looking at the individuals present in the court room testified that none of them was Khadim Rasool. The bank cashiers also stated that money was only handed over to M/s Adil Manzoor and Khadim Rasool after checking their National Identification cards. After the witnesses’ statements the Honorable Judge adjourned the court hearing till July-5. Earlier Moonis Elahi was brought amid heavy security to the Banking Court where a large number of Pakistan Muslim League’s workers and Moonis Elahi supporters had assembled to express solidarity with him.


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