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Court denies more time to Zafar Qureshi in Moonis Elahi case

Lahore (26 September 2011) On account of the investigating officer in the NICL case Additional Director General FIA, Zafar Qureshi’s absence and on FIA’s request to allow another 15 days to complete the challan the District and Sessions Judge Mujahid Mustaqeem in the capacity of Special Judge Banking Court has adjourned the hearing till October 3. According to the learned judge, on the FIA’s failure to complete the challan by October 3 the acquittal petition of Moonis Elahi will automatically will come up for hearing. Calling it an act amounting to contempt and blackmailing of the court, Moonis Elahi’s defence lawyers Rai Bashir Ahmad and Amjad Parvez strongly opposed Zafar Qureshi’s letter asking the court for another 15 days to complete the NICL case challan.

Never in the country’s judicial history has any court given as much time and latitude to the prosecution as in this case, said Moonis Elahi’s defence lawyers. They further said that there was nothing new in the supplementary challan and even if for argument’s sake the challan was considered correct it still did not implicate Moonis Elahi. They said that the learned court could give as much time to the FIA as it desired but meanwhile their client should be honourably acquitted. The lawyers contended that neither a prosecutor had been appointed and nor had the final challan been submitted. They accused Zafar Qureshi of misguiding the court by asking for immunity from court appearance due to a self claimed threat to his life.

They said that Zafar Qureshi’s personal or official issues could not be the reason for denial of justice to Moonis Elahi. The lawyers said that Zafar Qureshi was protected by the rangers and he daily went to his office and the Supreme Court. They alleged Zafar Qureshi for attempting to create an atmosphere whereby he could get a job extension and continue investigating the NICL case. They further said that except for Zafar Qureshi all the other FIA officials were present in the court and Moonis Elahi despite serious threats to his life was also present. Will Moonis Elahi wait for 5 years in jail if the FIA failed to appoint a prosecutor for so long and will the courts take dictates from the FIA, they asked?

Moonis Elahi’s lawyers also said that Zafar Qureshi was demanding 5 lacs to 1 million as professional fee to the prosecutor. They said that this was an internal matter of the FIA but obstructing the course of justice on such a lame excuse was as an act of criminal injustice. Lawyers demanded the court to reject all the fabricated stories presented by Zafar Qureshi and asked the court to honourably acquit Moonis Elahi.


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Zafar Qureshi is deliberately obstructing the course of justice to prolong Moonis Elahi’s incarceration. Moonis Elahi’s defence lawyer

Lahore (17 September 2011) District and Sessions Judge Mujahid Mustaqeem as Special Judge Banking Court today on the FIA’s 15 day extension request has adjourned the NICL case hearing till September 26. Moonis Elahi’s lawyer Amjad Parvez opposing the FIA’s 15 day extension request on legal grounds accused the investigation agency of blatantly wasting the court’s time and violating its orders. He further accused the FIA of deliberately obstructing the course of justice to prolong Moonis Elahi’s incarceration.

Moonis Elahi’s defence lawyer citing examples of the delaying tactics employed by the FIA said that on Zafar Qureshi’s Aug 18 request asking the court for an additional one month for further investigation the court gave him time till September 6, on Sept 6 in response to the FIA’s demand for further time for the appointment of a prosecutor the court allowed the FIA further grace time till September 17 but the FIA had neither appointed a prosecutor and nor had purportedly completed its investigation. He said that Zafar Qureshi’s request for a further 15 day extension to present the final challan was illegal as two challans of the same case could not be presented.

He demanded the court to order Zafar Qureshi to apprize the court as to why the FIA had failed to appoint a prosecutor and present the final challan thus far. He asked to be informed that if the FIA had still not appointed a prosecutor then who was presenting the interim challan, producing new witnesses and asking the court on Zafar Qureshi’s behalf for further time relaxation. He wanted to know the antecedents of the individual presently appearing on behalf of the FIA and if he was not a prosecutor. The court in its decision ordered the FIA to present the final challan and the new prosecutor on September 26 failing which the court ruled that it could call Zafar Qureshi.


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Zafar Qureshi tried to dictate court: Moonis Elahi’s counsel

Lahore (September 06, 2011)

District & Sessions Judge Mujahid Mustaqim acting in the capacity of Special Judge Banking Court had adjourned the NICL case hearing on the FIA’s request till September 17. Earlier in today’s proceedings Moonis Elahi’s lawyer during his arguments urged the Honourable Court that if the FIA was being unduly facilitated to appoint a new prosecutor and present a new challan then his client should also be given the due relief denied to him thus far. He further argued that in Zafar Qureshi’s request to the Honourable Court nowhere had he asked for a full month to complete the investigation. Moonis Elahi’s lawyer strongly objected to the language used by Zafar Qureshi in his letter addressed to the Honourable Court. He said that the tone and tanner of the said letter was such that it seemed Zafar Qureshi was giving orders to the court and doing so was in his jurisdiction. He said that according to contents of the said letter the Honourable Court was nothing more than a post office. The Honourable Court reprimanded the FIA officials for continuously changing the agency’s representative in the course of the proceedings. The Honourable Court instructed the FIA to appoint a permanent representative to be present in the proceedings. On the Court’s inquiry that how much more time did the FIA require to complete the investigation, the FIA officials forwarded an application requesting for one month to complete the task.

Moonis Elahi, Monis Elahi, Monus Elahi

Moonis Elahi

Later talking to the media, Moonis Elahi’s lawyer Rai Bashir Ahmad accused Zafar Qureshi of taking undue advantages of the importance given to him by Supreme Court. He further accused Zafar Qureshi of leveraging the Supreme Court’s importance to dictate his own orders to the Lower Courts. He alleged Zafar Qureshi of blackmailing the courts and said that this was neither in the judiciary’s interest nor in the interest of the public. He said that Moonis Elahi to express his faith in the country’s law and the judiciary’s capacity to dispense justice had returned voluntarily from England which had no extradition treaty signed with Pakistan. A large number of Pakistan Muslim League’s supporters were present in the court throughout the day’s proceedings where senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League Moonis Elahi was brought in an armored vehicle amid high security.


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Moonis Elahi files application for change of Investigation Officer in NICL case

Moonis Elahi, senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League and son of senior federal minister Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, on Monday filed an application in the Supreme Court seeking an early hearing of his pending review petition.

He prayed the court to fix his review petition along with his stay application for September 9 to meet the ends of justice. The petitioner contended that if his review petition was not heard along with his stay application at an early date, he would suffer irreparable losses and injury to his person as well as reputation, as the hearing of these matters after completion of wrongful, biased, incorrect and inimical investigation would render the fate of these matters before the court infructuous and thus the ends of justice would be frustrated.

On August 18, Moonis Elahi filed a review petition against the Supreme Court’s verdict of August 8 wherein the apex court reassigned the NICL scam investigation to Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Additional Director General Zafar Ahmed Qureshi. On August 8, the Supreme Court had quashed the suspension order of Zafar Qureshi and directed him to resume his task in recovering the looted money. The court had directed Zafar Qureshi to carry out investigation of the case and asked him to complete the investigation of the cases expeditiously. In his review petition on August 18, Moonis Elahi contended that the Supreme Court’s decision of reassigning the NICL scam investigation to Zafar Qureshi was made without hearing his contentions, reservations and point of view, which was against the norms of justice. Thus, he had contended that the decision needed to be reviewed in the best interest of justice.


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